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Gear, New and Vintage...

Gear, New and Vintage...

We feature a large selection of the finest microphones, preamps, speakers and vintage recording devices. One of our many features is the Steinway 7’ Grand Piano. Originally built in 1885, and later rebuilt by Sheldon Smith, it is one of the finest instruments you’ll find in any Bay Area recording studio.

OTR has large isolated rooms, 4 headphone mixes, a Hammond B-3 Organ, and professional experienced engineers. Our staff has experience with archiving tapes to digital media as well as programming capabilities..

48 Input Soundworkshop Console
12 Channel Soundcraft side car console 200B
2" Otari MTR-90 Analog Tape Recorder
24 Track and 2 Track DOLBY SR
Sonoma Direct Stream Digital Recording. One bit, 2.8M samples per second.
ProTools, Tascam MX-2424 24 Track, Nuendo, Samplitude
2 Track Otari MTR-10, 1/2" Analog Recorder
Sony DAT
HHB stand-alone CD Burner
Studer A/D Converter
Various computers for transfers, internet audio, etc.

Neumann: U67/U87/KM184
B&K: 4012 AKG: 460/414/451
Shure: SM56/SM57/SM7
Electrovoice: RE-20
Sennhieser: 421 and lots more!

Proprietary Silver Cable for speakers, micrphones, line, etc.
Mogami and Canare Cable
Jean Marie Reynaud Offrande Speakers (Surround)
JBL, Meyer Sound, Yamaha NS-10, Auratones, NHT M-60, NHT M-00, Genelec
Jean Marie Reynaud Orfeo's
Nelson Pass amps, McIntosh Amps, Crown amps

4 headphone mix capability
Sony, Sennheiser, others
Lexicon 224XL, PCM 42, PCM 60, Super Prime Time
AMS RX-16 Reverb, Yamaha SPX-90
Millennia, Studer, Neve, Manley preamps

Steinway 7' Grand Piano
B-3 Organ, Fender Rhodes Piano
Korg M-1, Prophet 5 and more
Ampeg Vintage bass amp
Princeton Guitar Amp
Acoustic Guitar
In house programmers with various synthesizers