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Mastering for All Formats

Mastering for All Formats

Are you tired of your music sounding small?
Maybe it’s your mastering engineer...


Do you want your music to sound as BIG and CLEAR as possible? Let us add a touch of analog to your digital mixes and return some of the life back to your music. With over 15 years experience mastering and editing all formats, we have developed a proprietary system using the finest analog and digital audio tools. We work with 2 track mixes from 1/2" tape, DAT, all PCM digital wave forms and DSD (one bit recording).

Other services include:
Transfer 2" and 1/2" tapes to the digital format of your choice
* Onsite 'baking' of your tapes to restore their original glisten as well as preventing breakage
* Consultation and evaluation to optimize your mixes BEFORE you proceed
* Archiving precious masters and reviving priceless tape and vinyl
* Prepping your mixes for all internet audio formats and podcasts
* Embedding text and ISRC codes for your CD
* Creating a website you can manage at home with your choice of paid downloads, audio/video streaming, calendar of events, news, mailing list, blogs and more.

OTR founder, Cookie Marenco, was an early pioneer of internet audio in the mid 90's. Now that internet audio is a must for those in the industry and home recording is easy to obtain, isn't it time you distinguish your music with the highest quality representation?

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