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Multitrack Recording - Analog & Digital

Multitrack Recording - Analog & Digital

While some might think it strange, we specialize in 2” tape analog recording for a number of reasons, the first being it sounds GREAT! We use an Otari MTR-90 2" tape machine and Dolby SR, with an array of specially chosen microphones, hardware preamps and effects. Analog recording is faster and cheaper than you think with the benefit of a big sound. Having been at the forefront of new technology has provided us the option of choice for what’s best. Not all situations are appropriate for analog tape, but many are.

We also have a variety of digital recording systems from ProTools, MX-2424 stand-alone unit, Samplitude, Nuendo and DSD. What is DSD? Direct Stream Digital, one bit recording with 2.8 million parts per second. We have 8 tracks of this outstanding digital system which rivals tape.

Bring Your Files…
From home or elsewhere and take advantage of our Steinway Piano, mics, preamps and recording expertise. Many of our clients record their basic tracks to analog tape and after the session, have us transfer the files to wav format for additional tracking, editing or mixing. Likewise, if you have previously recorded digital material, bring in your wav files and we'll upload to our digital system for mixdown to analog, DSD or PCM digital, taking advantage of our vintage effects gear.

Our Staff is trained to guide you through the process…
If you’re daunted by the thought of creating good wav tracks, we can help. Call us.
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