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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To Reserve Studio Time

  • Payments accepted by cash, Paypal, money order and cashier's check. Checks are not accepted as payment for sessions.
  • 8 hour day maximum time per day, 4 hours minimum time booked per day unless approved in advance.
  • All sessions must be paid in advance to reserve time on the studio calendar.
  • Quotes valid for 30 days from written notice.
  • 4 day cancellation notice required for rescheduling.
  • No refunds for cancellation. Approved cancellations returns studio time to Artist's account.
  • Discounts are available for bulk purchase of studio time.

About Your Session

  • One hour of free set-up/load-in is given prior to downbeat of session.
  • Sessions begin no earlier than 2pm, (1pm for set-up) unless discussed with studio manager (this allows us to handle business affairs, thanks!). Some exceptions are made subject to additional charge per hour.
  • Sessions start on time. Please be prompt and have your musicians arrive on time. Late starts require approval.
  • No drums or loud electric guitar playing after 10pm.
  • Please bring food and beverages to the studio. Meal breaks should be discussed in advance of sessions.
  • If you are bringing digital media to record on, please discuss conditions with General Manager or Digital Specialist. We can't be responsible for files not opening on our computers. We suggest WAV files on CD or DVD-R. Hard drives should be discussed with GM or DS as to format.

Media For Session

  • OTR will furnish 1 reel of 2" tape per day of sessions booked, up to 6 reels per 80 minute project.
  • Transfer to digital or digital backup time is not included in the session hours unless approved by General Manager.
  • Tape, hard drives and other items left at the studio are not the responsibility of the studio. Please remove all items of value upon departure. Storage fees for tape and drives can be discussed with General Manager for long term storage.

We appreciate your understanding! Following our Terms and Conditions allows us the maximum professional service for all.